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Artistes Edition

FIRST ALBUM : 20 March 2024 !

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AURORA | Youtube early bird here

Aurora: the symphony of the northern lights
The analogue synthesizers are animated by a mystical breath. Slowly, the notes rise, Man melts into the immensity of nature and his tiny presence confronts the infinite grandeur that surrounds him. Like a celestial crescendo, the drums come in, the brass bursting out like shooting stars. This opening track is much more than a simple introduction, it’s a musical odyssey through the wilderness of our imagination.


According to quantum theory, ‘Blurred Times’ are caused when the flow of time is altered by the presence of masses or sources of energy. Time becomes less and less precise….

MATUYAMA patience condore remix

PATIENCE (Indietronic Version) | SPOTIFY : here

On Air : JAM | RTBF

Download .WAV here

Matuyama signs here a remix for Condore’s beautiful track ‘Patience’. The track is electro, downbeat, pop, synths, tropical… a bit like MGMT listening to Röyksopp in the car on the way back from a Bat For Lashes concert.


Matuyama debut release « Aria » is a poppy good feelin’ track that will lead you directly to the italian beaches. The sun is shining, your brand new board is waxed, just put your plugs and improve your italian accent… A very simple good vibe that fits perfectly when the summer is comin’in. With the use of the legendary Prophet sound and a groovy violin’ bass ! Che bella giornata *

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